Hempworx Review

If you are searching for a nice provider of CBD products, it is advisable to find a reliable manufacturer. Hempworx Company is one of those and in this review, we are going to consider its products, pros, cons & personal experience of using its offers.

About Hempworx company

Hempworx Company is one of the very transparent manufacturers, who do not hide those things:

  • where it gets its product (the source is the Kentucky state, which, thanks to its rich soil and wonderful climate, is considered by many even better than California or Colorado, which are the most popular states today growing the source plant, Cannabis Sativa L.)
  • where all component to make products come from (100% come from the US)
  • what are the channels of the customer support (you can scroll down the proper page to see the contact data of the company’s offices located in three countries – the US, the UK & Canada)? Also, you will be delighted by the way the company interacts with its clients and prospects – all requests are answered as promptly as possible (within the working hours of offices, as there is no live chat, though)
  • which products do contain CBD and which are not (the label of every product unambiguously says if there is any CBD in this product. For instance, beauty remedies like masks, shampoos & others in the line do not have CBD, they only have hemp oil). The same goes for THC. Currently, as far as we can judge based on the content of all company’s products, there is no THC in any of them above the legally allowed level (0.3% of THC)
  • where the independent laboratory verification of the company’s products happens (entirely, in the US).

Hempworx features

Products of this US-based company with branches outside of the US are created to cater to the feelings and needs of Americans. High quality combined with awesome people’s feedback is what makes the manufacturer stand out from the crowd. Let’s see now, which pros and cons this company has. 

Advantages of Hempworx

  1. The delivery across all 50 states of the US and to many countries of the world, where products containing CBD are legal to distribute.
  2. Fast delivery of any amount, as the company is a large seller and has big amounts of products always in stock in its warehouses. This means in practice that the same-day or next-day delivery is practiced the most.
  3. Wide range of products, which are distributed through 9 classes, for people and pets (pets remedies may or may not contain CBD – read the label before the purchase).
  4. A possibility to make your own ‘Value Pack’ – a set of products in a bulk, buying which, you economize on the total price. 
  5. You can establish the reselling scheme of the company’s products, which will bring you the profit from the difference between the wholesale and retail prices, as well as you are earning points of the so-called ‘BV’, which is a ‘Business Volume’ as you buy a piece of a product from the company. Eventually, you can get 1 free piece of a product as you buy 3 – such a wonderful offer for your wallet is definitely going to bring a company more clients, as only a handful of other companies selling CBD in the US offer anything like this.

Disadvantages of Hempworx

  1. The process of the purchase on the site is more complicated than most people got used to. First, as you wanna proceed with fast checkout, the system asks whether you have an affiliate, which is a person, who has recommended you the company in general or its specific product in particular. So if you have it, you should ideally submit the username of such affiliate. If you don’t have one – click on the link below to proceed. Next, you have to create an account – as the system will not let you through without the registration. As you register, you should pick a type of account – just regular one, who is going to buy products for self, or an Affiliate (for a one-time 20-dollar fee), to earn money when people are going to be recommended. Upon the registration, you should fill in 7 blocks of information, with 2… 7 fields in each and click 7 ticks in the acceptance of terms and conditions in order to proceed. Some pieces of information that the company asks you to fulfill immediately are sensitive – like your card full number and CVV/CVC code. Also, on the next stage, you are obliged to upload the photos of your ID (passport or driver’s license) and pictures of both sides of your credit card! They tell, it is for the security and profile verification reasons, but we say, that’s something that seems too odd. Why you aren’t allowed to simply pick a product and pay for it as everyone else does? Why do they need your pics? If you are a suspicious person, you will be freaked out by this complex registration. This means, you can’t stay anonymous when making your purchase, as the company gathers truly redundant information.
  2. The shipping price is automatically added to the price of your shipment. For instance, we have chosen CBD oil of 500 mg for 69 dollars and the system added $8.95 for the shipment, making the entire account of $77.95 in total – that’s for the United States. Picking the UK, for instance, the additional tax arises (equal to $15.99) & the shipping price gets bigger, $10.95, making the total equal to $95.94. 
  3. The company puts very precise guidelines for the dosages of administration of its products – even though directly realizing that the CBD is not a substance that was approved by the FDA of the US to be a food additive, or aimed to treat, prevent, or cure any ailment or disease (with a tiny exception, which is not in our today’s scope of attention). In our opinion, Hempworx Company shouldn’t be doing this, as it is not authorized to override the FDA’s disallowances.  

Hempworx product list

Hempworx Company offers a large list of its products:

  1. Tinctures (separated into sub-categories of tinctures of full-spectrum and freed from THC)
  2. Topicals (products lines ‘Revive’, ‘Renew’, ‘Relief’)
  3. For pets (Pet oil and Dog treats)
  4. Bath bombs
  5. Coffee
  6. Keto coffee creamers
  7. Gummies
  8. Haircare (embracing hair mask, hair serum, lotion for hands and body, shampoo & conditioner)
  9. Value packs

Let’s consider every product closer to give our readers a full picture of a product.


The full-spectrum CBD tinctures of Hempworx Company have three options of potency: 500 mg, 750 mg & 1,500 mg. All three are marked as ‘Dietary supplements’ on the packing (despite the prohibition of the FDA of the US to mark any CBD-containing product as the dietary supplement). Every flask contains 30 ml or 1 oz of the liquid. They are sold for 69-149 dollars per flask depending on the potency.

You can pick from three flavors: cinnamon flavored, peppermint flavored & no flavor (a natural one).

In addition to full-spectrum products, tinctures also include 500 mg and 750 mg of THC-free products. In these, you cannot pick a flavor, as they come only peppermint flavored with the cost 69-89 dollars per piece.


Topicals come in three options of volume – 15, 30 & 50 mg (0.5 oz, 1 oz & 1.69 oz). The smallest one comes in a different bottle than the rest (it looks like a hand sanitizer) and contains hydrolyzed collagen, retinol, 30 mg CBD & no THC. This flask comes for 69 US dollars. This is used to prevent wrinkles from appearing and to maintain the skin’s elasticity. It is used mainly to rejuvenate the look of the skin or, at least, to prevent it from looking older. 

A bottle with 30 ml volume comes for the same money, $69 and contains 80 mg of CBD. Depending on the type that you choose, you may receive the product with apple stem cells or emu oil. There is no THC in any option. 

The biggest bottle contains 130 mg of CBD and costs $89 with all the same features as 30-mg bottles have.

The stem cells are known to be the source of youth, while emu oil is wonderful for a gentle massage to relieve the sore muscles. 

3.For pets 

The CBD oil for pets is flavored with bacon to make your pet adopt it without stress as a wonderful dietary supplement. In fact, it is written the same on its label (we are not going to focus each time that this is against the rules of the FDA). The volume is 30 ml and it is sold for $39 only. The content of CBD there is 250 mg, which makes it possible to give 5 mg of CBD per 1 serving. The product also submits the user-friendly instruction of how to use it for your furry friend, depending on how much it weights. It can be mixed to the water of your pet (but the oily substance is not that good in mixing with water) or you can add it to food – and this is actually the best way of giving this substance to your pawed pet. The basis of the remedy is hemp oil.

Dog treats come for the same price; each piece is flavored with beef and contains 2.5 of pure CBD. The manufacturer knows how important this is to stick to the right diet for a dog, which means that there are no such ingredients in the treats:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Glycerin
  • Waxes
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Artificial preservatives.

But what do they have then?

  • Vitamin E
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp oil of full spectrum
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Potato 
  • Garbanzo flour.

As you can see from the official list of contents, no CBD is inside of treats (only hemp oil, which is a different thing).

4.Bath bombs 

Obviously, you buy 4 bath bombs with CBD oil in a box at once (it is not specifically told on the official site and it is not immediately understood). The scents are (included in 1 box for 49 dollars):

  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Sea Salt
  • Lemongrass.

Just throw a piece in your bath and enjoy the scent and the effect of complete relaxation. What you will have is 100 mg of hemp oil and 10 mg of CBD oil in each piece. The additional substances are baking soda, Epsom salt, witch hazel, citric acid, colorants & corn starch. 

5.Coffee with CBD

Net weight is 2.97 oz (84 grams), which you can buy for $69. This product is friendly to your Keto diet (low-carbohydrate, high-fat, medium-protein diet). The basis of this coffee is made by Arabica beans and Chaga mushroom. In each cup of coffee, you get 5 mg of CBD. It has no gluten and enriched additionally with potassium (100 mg per serving, which is 2% of the daily norm). 

6.Keto creamers 

You can pick any of three flavors: Hazelnut, mocha & vanilla. Each comes for 69 US dollars. The product is the alternative to market-regular sugary creamers. They do not contain dairy products, gluten or GMOs. Each stick has 5 mg of CBD substance. 


Any gummy you see on the site comes for $69. The pack has a weight of 180 mg net and contains 450 mg of CBD. As it has 45 gummies, there is 10 mg per piece. In a bottle, it’s a mix of tastes: lemon, orange & grapes. You will not meet artificial colorants or sweeteners in a bottle with a product. To make you differentiate amongst the flavors, each piece has own color: orange, yellow & violet. 


The line of hair care is represented by a mask, serum, lotion, shampoo & conditioner. A shampoo costs you 39 bucks per bottle of 500 ml or 16.9 oz. The main ingredient is cold-pressed hemp seed oil. According to what the manufacturer reveals, there are not CBD and THC oils in it, only the hemp. The mask, another product in the series, costs $69 (with the same volume as shampoo). The serum goes for $59 and it is of 100 ml (3.4 oz) in volume. No CBD again. The lotion for the body and hands comes for $29, it is of 180 ml in volume. The hair conditioner is sold for $39 and has 16.9 oz in volume (500 ml), containing the complex of amino acids, vitamins, hemp oil & not containing sodium chloride and parabens. 

8.Value packs

The last on the list of products of Hempworx Company are packs. There are two versions of them: ‘Director pack’ and ‘Executive pack’ for $199 and $599 accordingly. The first option includes:

  • Topical creams of 50 mg in volume, 30 mg & 15 mg
  • CBD oil of 500 mg and 750 mg

The second bulkiness includes:

  • Oil for dogs, 250 ml
  • Oil for people of 750 and 1,500 mg
  • Three topicals: 15, 30 & 50 mg
  • 1 coffee
  • 1 coffee creamer
  • 1 treat for dogs.

But you can choose your composition of items on the site – and the price will change accordingly. 

Price list

  1. CBD tinctures: cost from 69 to 149 dollars depending on the size (500 mg, 750 mg & 1,500 mg)
  2. Topicals can be bought from 69 to 89 dollars (15, 30 & 50 ml in sizes)
  3. Products for pets come for $39 for oil and the same is for dog treats
  4. 4 bath bombs come for 49 dollars per 1 box
  5. Coffee with CBD is sold for $69.
  6. Coffee creamers come for $69 as well.
  7. Gummies cost $69 – yes, this number rises again.
  8. Haircare products are sold for $29-$69 depending on their type.
  9. Packs come for 199-599 dollars. 

Our experience with Hempworx

We have bought several products from Hempworx Company for anxiety and a night of nice sleep. CBD oil was the choice. We liked the preciseness of the dosage, which we were able to do with a dropper & the great flavor (we’ve tried cinnamon). The result was great & the action of the full-spectrum product was just as expected. The relief from anxiety (the outbreaks of which we have at an irregular basis, depending on the badness of the day) was coming in 20 minutes on average. If we took CBD oil as a preventive measure, we were able to go through the day with smoothness, to which we strived for.


Apart from excessive data that the Hempworx Company collects during the registration and incapability of buying a product without it, we’d definitely recommend it for buyers. The reasons are high quality, transparency of the company in all aspects that matter & a clear line of products differentiated by forms.